School fees of 50k via credit card

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kindly advise me regarding which credit card provides max benefit in paying Education fees...around 50k..
thank u..kindly help
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unfortunately many CC issuers had already listed MCC's that won't fetch you cashback or rewards.

suggest you to do due diligence by checking card feature of the collection you have.

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mine amazon pay card works great with my college fees just paid 50k few days ago got 500 in pay rewards 😎,i wanted to get axis ace but its not worth it anymore because of devaluation 

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make sure your school or college dont add extra 2% mine is big university so they dont ask before payment or u will lose money when paying with cc 

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Do they bring teachers from mars... In 50 k fees.... +?? Such has become the education of this country... Too much expensive.... 

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Here in Mumbai my cousin - sister pays ~80k every year!

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any use of Sbi cashback card??

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