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Seedr Premium account and alternatives

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Any good free alternatives for which offers free online storage of around 10gb?

Also, if anyone have Seedr Premium account (or any other similar torrent platform account) with some storage to share, please reach out.
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Look into realdebrid instead

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Looks like torrent feature is paid only. What is the cheapest way to get premium?
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seedr with 6gb and googledrive unlimited torrenting available

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What does this mean?

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There are several telegram groups & bots wherein you can paste your magnet link and get corresponding downloadable links (from google drive)

One such telegram group is https : //t .me/torrent_drive
But first you'll need to join following Google groups, to get access of those downloadable files:

One good thing about these google groups is that once owner of these groups accepts your join request, you can simply search the files(movies or anything) in the shared drives. Most of the time you will find the files, you are looking for. So most of the time, you won't even need to search magnet links on torrent websites.

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seems like this will be stopped after july, as google wont be providing unlimited storage

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For seedr referral, dm me

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Use costs about 6 euro for 1 TB HDD even allows public torrents

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