Seeking Clarification on SBI Prime Credit Card Rewards Redemption Value

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   I hope you're all doing well. I have a question regarding the rewards redemption of the SBI Prime Credit Card and would love your insights.Recently, I was exploring the Rewards Redemption section for my SBI Prime Credit Card, hoping to find some exciting offers. Unfortunately, the available options didn't quite meet my expectations. After some research on a forum, I came across the suggestion to redeem points against statement credit, where one point supposedly equals 0.25 paise.

   However, I've heard whispers that the conversion rate might have changed to 0.20 paise per point. Can anyone confirm the current redemption value for SBI credit card reward points? I'd appreciate any information or personal experiences you can share.Thanks in advance for your help! 🤞
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For Amazon GC, 0.20


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Bro if I'm not wrong Amazon Pay GC redemption is available only for Simplyclick card right? All I'm seeing in my redemption section is useless products like belts, duffle bag etc and not any useful GVs tired_face

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if those reward points accrual is due to spendings done during any discount sales, better don't redeem those points now as the SBI will take back those points on some other day.

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