Seeking Sites for SBI Cashback Card's Gift Voucher Cashback

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Could you provide a list of websites or apps where the SBI cashback card still offers 5% cashback on gift voucher purchases?

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on all online less popular websites xDDDD it will give 5% cashback

because popular websites might have got in ban list lol (joke)

jokes apart but seriously this is interesting to know but i am not sure who has the patience to compile the list 

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If people don't want to reveal please DM me

I only know two websites one shared by abhishek012  and other one is park+ other than the Amazon which has some limitations and cc payment is getting blocked. I face issues in ordering high denomination gvs in those two sites

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While you yourself not revealing the name of site and saying one shared by abhishek how and why do you expect others to share their findings.

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Recently you bought in magicpin and received cb ?

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