service center giving used and old product

my known in a rural area brought zebronics speaker. it stopped working in 2 months. nearest service center is 2 hours away from his area, went there and they told him that either it will be repaired or they will give a new one to him. after 2 weeks they are now giving him a used, badly scratched downgraded model. they are admitting that it is used but they are calling it refurbished. also this piece was manufactured 4 years ago as mentioned on the sticker. they are saying that his model is out of stock but they are selling it on their own website.their tollfree customer support is pathetic and does not help at all. is there anywhere one can complain about this?

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First of all, they should not be relacing the product with lower variant. Absolutely not acceptable. 

 I feel the only option to deal with these folks is filling an complain with consumer forum. But before that, do ensure you have a written proof of what's going on.


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Don't expect much from such brands.

Escalating with them is the only option. If not getting response from them, then consumer court can help.

Just keep all the proofs, i.e. Service Center giving old scrap, original model photo/video, etc.

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any grievance mail id?whats difference between consumerhelpline and pgportal?
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I've had a similar experience with zebronics with their smart plug. It went bad 3 times during warranty, twice they replaced with used model. But 3rd time after having a quarrel with them, they finally agreed to replace it with a new one.

My personal experience says always avoid zebronics product, they do not have any quality control and sell substandard products at a price which is similar to good brands.

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