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I'm planning to shift from Airtel to jio and I'll choose a 1499(300 Mbps) plan, so please share your experience for the following points

  1. What will be the speed?
  2. Problem solution time
  3. They will provide a set top box with this plan. So if we don't take this then the plan price can decrease?
  4. Membership will be for time till we use jio fiber unlike Airtel who gives Amazon prime membership only for 1 year?
  5. Which mode of payment fiber will be good prepaid or postpaid?
  6. Can we do part payment like we do in prepaid sim?
  7. Please share any tips/tricks/etc.

Thanks in advance!
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Here you go: 

1. You will get what you have paid for. Speed remains same and doesn't fluctuate. 

2. Next working day, sometime they even solve it on the same day. 

4. Yes, you can even check the same on their website. They have clearly mentioned 

5. Postpaid. In case of prepaid you might will have to pay for connection charges. 

6. Yes you can always, but make sure to pay completely before due date, which will be 8 days after due date. 

7. DM me for referral. You will get 1 month free. 

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I was planning to take Air Fiber but it is not completely wireless. Device need to install on roof top and the do not provide connection in slum area.

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1. 2.  speed will be ok to good and service will depend on City locality

3. Plan Price is 1499 is Separate And STB(App box) Cost is Different(like Extra 500) or No Extra 

4. Same as Airtel refer

5. its upto you pay postpaid bill in bulk(or can send Apay bal 100,200 to jio fibre account via  My Jio app ....) or prepaid is also same in jio fibre probably i personally see no difference apart from for prepaid they charge extra installation 500 over and above...

6. if postpaid i dont think so in prepaid which platform allows for part paytment i mean you can pay monthly charges like that..

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How to send apay balance to jio fiber account-i see only Amazon pay UPI option now.please help.

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