Sharing my HDFC Fastag Toll incorrect debit experience

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This incorrect debit happened twice.

I have crossed Toll A and returned and crossed the Toll A back on the same day. It took some time to receive the debit SMS for both debits.

Lets say I have crossed Toll A around 11 AM and returned back and crossed Toll A again around 3 pm. I received debit sms after 6 pm.

Both time same amount got debited (Rs 45). But for return journey within 24 hrs, it should have been 25. I have raised SR and got the extra amount of Rs. 20 after 15 days.

Initially I thought, this could be one off case. Later when I went to the same Toll after few days. Same issue happened. Again have to raise SR and get the extra amount got credited after 15 days.

When I reviewed statement, I found out that the return toll debit reported first (3pm) and the onward toll debit later (11am) which has caused this issue.

I have used Paytm fastag to cross this toll more than 20 times. But never faced this issue. Happened only after using HDFC fastag.

When I told this to my friend who has HDFC fastag, he has mentioned that could be specific to this Toll plaza. Later after few days, he also encountered the same issue for another Toll.

So I think this is specific to HDFC Bank Fastag users.

HDFC Bank Fastag Users - Just FYI - Please review ur Fastag statement for Toll debits 

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@undertaker007 - Thanks for sharing. 

I moved from PayTM to HDFC fastag. Will keep an eye on the amount deducted. How do we know correct toll amount? Is it by looking at the amount posted on toll plaza itself? 

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Or by checking your old transactions from Paytm Fastag
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In my case the amount is correct for return toll. Using hdfc fastag only

fyi Bandra Worli sealink, Mumbai

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Good to know 👍🏼
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