Sim based router for 5g Sims

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Hi Friends

I am looking for dongle/router for 5g Sims. Can you please help. not able to find on Amazon/Flipkart with good reviews.

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Airtel xtream air fibre

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Currently I'm using my wife's phone as hotspot router lol. I need this.

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In india 5G sim based hotspot devices are close to nonexistent, the best bet is to import one from US or any other country just do your research and you are good to go, although they won't be cheap at all. Or just get a cheap 5g phone like itel or something and enjoy your very own display based multi media capable 5G hotspot device.

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very high priced. and needs to be imported. 

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For 5G Sim based router ...almost all are using 10,000 range mobiles., im using my second mobile Poco X5 5G mobile... even in train journeys for hotspot sometimes 5-6 hours also.

But i have observed in office or home etc.... Poco X5 Pro 5G  gives much high speed on hotspot or even directly on mobile buy a  good phone for speeds, and longer life.

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Buy phone in India , preferably last year or before flagship.

If you can then get Nokia Fastmile Routers from friends abroad. Make sure they are unlocked. I am using one in UAE and for ~ 4.5k it's great with even WiFi 6 support.

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