Simpl paylater auto activated

Was booking on tata neu  and saw simpl on payment page. It was saying insufficient limit.
Then i came to know that its activated.
Again was booking medicine on apollo and saw simpl link option on payment page. Clicked on link and payment was made using simple paylater.
What to do now. I personally dont like paylater accounts. How this happened? Does any dimer also facing this type of auto activation of simpl paylater?
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Download simpl and you'll get option to delete your profile after paying due delete your account

Comrade Comrade
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Thanks for reply
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Paylater is no use after you got used to credit card rewards, paylater wont provide you any rewards except cashback RARELY

Simpl is good but not useful after one got credit cards

stoptomove since you are new to this Simpl, just remember the payment cycle is 15 days, dont forget to pay entire bill in 15 days, or else your cibil will be ruined:) just a tip for you to be safe:)

btw Simpl paylater is not autoactivated (Simpl only takes your mobile number for mini or non kyc limit of 1500), you just activated instantly by clicking the link at the payment page before payment gateway

Comrade Comrade
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Thx for detailed explanation. Man you got good knowledge.. sunglasses
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