Sleepspa Mattress - Worst quality (Help Needed)

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I have bought a mattress from Sleepspa for around Rs. 5500 however within 6 months it got sunked by around 2-3 inches and can't be used for sleeping. I have raised the concern with sleepspa team they have asked videos and pictures and then asked me that they can provide me replacement but i need to pay Rs. 2000 (non negotiable) for shipping charges. 

For which i have raised the concern that for a Rs. 5500 mattress you are again asking me Rs. 2000 which is wrong. After this they have sent me mail that they can't help me as my mattress breaches warranty conditions. 

Can anybody guide me what are the solutions available in this situation?

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Generally good mattress cost around 10k +.

I think u bought soft foam mattress that's why it shrank.

U can talk with CC but I don't think they will give replacement as it's not manufacturing defect.

Ask for shipping cost down to 1000 or less.

Cool Cool
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No bro hitlon come in this range super soft foam is bit costly too.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Want to ask first that do you have alternate mattress available which can solve your purpose incase this matter stretches for long?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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All these mattress startups, they are nothing but showoff and fake advertising.

Duping people in name of money-back guarantee but asking shipping charges half of the new product value.

You might want to post on social media then they might do a free pickup because at the end their product is sub-standard and marketing is their only game.

Pro Community Angel Pro Community Angel
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If I am not wrong sleepspa is by coirfit and they aren't a startup. Might be wrong but this info was on top of my mind. 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Always buy sleepwell matress. They cost 25k plus for king size mattress 

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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I have bought this one 

Further have similar variant from wakefit as well from last 3-4 years and faced no issue. 

However sleep spa was one of the worst decision.

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