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This post is going to be long but requesting you to plz read it if you are/was hdfc bank customer.

[1] I am new to hdfc bank but I already had created my gyftr account on and by mistake entered an invalid mail id but mobile number is same registered mobile number on all platforms (hdfc bank, smartbuy and gyftr). I tried to get my email changed as the registered email id but gyftr team tells that if bank will tell us then only we will do it they this on phone not on mail and when contacted hdfc bank via email, phone and branch visit they tell to contact gyftr team. I am fed up. 

[2] So I thought since on all places mobile number is same I logged in to gyftr via redirecting from smartbuy and bought Amazon gift vouchers but I am worried as no pending cashback or order history is showing on smartbuy website (It is visible on gyftr only) so will I get that 5% cashback on debit card I asked customer care they are saying you will get before 90 days but it should show pending or so. Btw I have easyshop platinum debit card. I had transacted on 14 Feb still no cashback showing neither on net banking nor on smartbuy.

[3] On home screen of smartbuy there is a section showing rewards summary where it says verify your mobile number and card details to unlock rewards summary. I entered my details including the last 4 digits of debit card after I submitted the details it displayed that card not enabled(plz note I am able to transact every where even tokenization is also enabled) and please check card credentials with bank. I contacted the bank and their response was that since you are a debit card holder and your debit card earns only cashback and not rewards that's why that error.

[4] If this is the case then will I not get rewards points which is shown on gyftr website on some GVs? (plz note I clicked that drop-down menu on gyftr and selected other credit/debit card).

[5] Is my gyftr account not recognised by hdfc bank as I had created my gyftr account before opening my account in hdfc bank?

Thanks for reading such a long post plz provide your inputs for each query. I am not getting proper and from bank or smartbuy or gyftr.

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I think you should get CB provided at the transaction it showed up as GYFTR via SMARTBUY. No idea whether it is mapped through both phone number and email id.

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Even sometimes "gyftr com via smartbuy" comes in statement...

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