Soon, RuPay credit card bill payment via BBPS (Hope visa/mastercard/Banks will also join)

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Soon, RuPay credit card bill payment via NBBL (formerly BBPS) (Hope visa/mastercard/Banks will also join):

RuPay release a circular for "RuPay Credit Card Bill Payment Through BBPS"

Recognizing the significance of credit card bill payment for credit card users, it is imperative to establish a standard platform that ensures secure, interoperable, and accessible bill payment functionality. In line with this objective, NBBL has released the necessary guidelines and changes for enabling credit card bill payments through the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS). These guidelines are outlined in the operating circular NPCl/2022-23/BBPS/007, subject "Bharat Bill Payment System — Standardization of Retail Credit Card Category," dated 5th December 2022 (Annexure A).

It is important for credit card issuers, to provide this feature to their RuPay credit card customers for a rich and seamless experience. Hence, member banks should implement this feature across their entire RuPay credit card portfolio by 31st July 2023. This enablement will significantly elevate the customer experience by facilitating a convenient and frictionless credit card bill payment process.

NBBL (formerly BBPS) circular -


Through retail credit card category, customers can pay their respective credit card bills, either partially or in full or any other amount, on BBPS enabled platforms. The interoperability Of BBPS platform would ensure that customers have the ease of paying all their credit card bills on a single platform.
Customer will have a standard enhance user experience while paying their credit card bills using BBPS platform. Customer will be allowed to make full payment, part payment and/ or advance payment. This would be facilitated by configuring Credit Card Billers with Adhoc payments enabled with payment mode specific amount limits in place. Biller will be onboarded as a fetch and pay biller for credit card category

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Read full circular here -

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Good initiative.

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July month started, none implemented it yet?

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31st July 2023 but 3 to 6 months extra pakarlo, ajtak Indian banks ne koi kam time se pura nahi kiya hai.
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