Speech to text software for windows pc.

Is there any Chrome extension or windows application that could convert the speech into text up and it should be easy to use for example suppose I want to create a post on PC time then all I have to do is click on extension in Chrome and start speaking there will be a text dialogue box in the extension itself and after I will finish I will have to simply copy it and paste it on the desi time I want something as simple as like that or if it could directly type the word into the text field of the website then it will be Icing  on cake.

I have already tried using the Google translate speech to text but it is not that useful.
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In windows somewhere in built option is there for this kind of need.

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I would really appreciate it if you could guide me how to access that feature or what exactly the name of that thing and how to activate it or how to use it.
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have not used it in ages now, but Dragon NaturallySpeaking worked fine for our use, even when we first tried it.

Now Google and others might have better (even A.I. based) options.

More than 25 years back, Dragon Naturally Speaking was tweaked fairly well for even south east Asian accents too, besides south Asian accents.

P.S.: i am not their salesperson. Haven't really used Dragon in almost 11 years now. But for legal and medical transcriptions, there are other specialised (paid) softwares too.
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