standard chartered platinum debit card

Does anyone have it? In website they mentioned 1rp/100 but how much is the value of 1 RP?
And is it unlimited ?
Any information about this would be helpful.


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Flame Flame
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I have this exact same card, but not redeemed any points as they have very low values.

To get anything with rewards only you have to shop and spend too much with this card and nobody will do it, assuming they know about credit cards.

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Have this card. Been using and redeeming a lot on it. For some stuff, it gives more than credit cards. 

1 RP is 0.33 rupees (33 paise). Max you can earn in a month is 2K RP. 

It's a pretty lousy card and bank though (till you are below their priority level banking). Phone lines are always busy, waiting time always more than "average", escalation matrix to head customer care is just an eyewash... It doesn't work. 

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Thanks for your reply man. Is it true that u have to buy stuff with the reward point only and cant reedem points for gift vouchers and all like @Xhaster bro told? Best way to reedem point?

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