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I found an entry in my cibil report by LNT Finance for a consumer loan which I never applied for. On tracing my sms over the past 2 weeks, i found the loan was initiated, without my authorisation or approval, by India Lends and sent to LNT Finance.

I sent an email to India Lends whose representative told me that I might have visited India lends in 2021 and input my details (which I did not) and on the basis of that 2 year old entry they sent me loan approval. 

I asked them to send me the otp generated from their site which I needed to input for any such loan application as well as the sms date and time and mode of delivery of otp, the IP address of the computer from which I submitted my so called details in 2021 as per them, the details that I submitted and the email authorisation along with aadhar authentication OTP and OVD (which of course they do not have or can't provide). The number on which the loan was approved doesn't belong to me and is not linked to any of my accounts. There was no email detailing such loan on email. 

So fellows, this is what India Lends does. I have sent a query to LNTFIN also though it's not their fault and India lends is just denying responsibility.

Stay away from that site or anything linked to their site. I have filed a police report though nothing concrete comes out of it ever. 


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Benevolent Benevolent
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OMG this is really scary. Not sure without our knowledge and authorization what transactions are going on.

Benevolent Benevolent
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I had checked CIBIL score on India Lends once and since then I am being bombarded with spam calls and SMSes like I have never been spammed before. It's hell. I have blocked close to 50 numbers of theirs. Also whenever spam call comes you get SMS at the same exact time mentioning the same thing said by the robot on call. I hope now they don't sanction a loan directly from their end.

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Same experience here also before, all of a sudden, a loan approved sms popped up.

Just keep on checking your cibil and these pesky sms.

Critic Critic
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This is what happens when you try to "digitize India" while having babus in control who can't tell the difference between binary & hexa even if their life depends on it.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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all these Special Consumer Durable Loan Service Providers are like these especially Apps/ Websites that Do Not Have Major banks or Major brands(amazon/Fk) have Questionable Practises ,Data hoarding ,Spaming , Complete the targets ,momey ,money ,give false/wrong info worst of worst is Bajaj Finance

Commentator Commentator
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Use onescore app. It shows all existing cards and loans including closed ones.

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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What is the relevance of this? 

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