Stock holding for dividend ( ultra short term)

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Hello guys, Any one here holds stock for ultra short term purely for dividend purpose???

Like Asterdm stock announces special dividend of 118 which is around 20% of current price .Any one holding this stock ??
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Don't worry stock will drop the same 20% after exdate

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Stock has lower circuit limit of 20

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Aster - The initial dividend plan announcement came on Apr5 and closing price was 457 and Apr12th where they announced the dividend value of 118, closing price was 487 infact Apr15 high was 558 and closed at 525 so expecting it to reach close to 600 by Apr23 which is the record date and might go down back to 400-450 levels after Apr23 😀 but yeah those who bought it for 450 levels on Apr5 can sell it next week to net easily 20-25% profit in 2 week's time which is the best sensible way instead of taking dividend and again reinvest once it starts to rise from 400 levels..

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CMP :- 348

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Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Better not to.... By Same % price will go down so you won't make any money

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Tatatech will announce  dividend(date not known) in forth coming days. stock has bottomed out, the fall ratio is very less.   kindly check with your source and can take a decision.

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that stock is bottoming like paytm
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@GreyHenna @prabha.avum @JD4444   I have a question experts. Companies say they offer dividend from profits, but they reduce stock price.

What is the benefit for them? And what about the profits they mentioned earlier (from which they were supposed to distributed dividend), do they keep it?

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Two types of companies there in Market. Dividend earned will be shared to all shareholders. Secondly profits made by companies will be reinvented in company without passing any dividends. This is a smaller perspective. In bigger way a lot more is their...

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