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Please suggest me some apps/website to find ecommerce like CRED Store. I love the daily CRED deals and usually buy stuff from there since it comes at good discount and I come to know about some new and good brands. I see that most of Shark Tank India stuff are on CRED. 

Are there any other apps/website where they do Daily Deal of the Day like CRED does? I can't go through all the products on Amazon/Flipkart to find good products. I want to look through a small selection provided daily to try out new products.

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Prices are high even after huge discounts.

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compare prices on amazon flipkrt/or brand own stores, you will se much low pricing at cred store. Recently i ordered Bella vita oudh perfume for ₹300 from Cred while on amazon fk it costs ₹500+

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UNIPay store, try unicard app and you will find this store

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I need to apply for card or loan to use the app. I don't want that.
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