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Bookd a ticket from Dubai to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi and Seychelles, and they did not give me enough connecting time for me to make the connection at Abu Dhabi airport
I have bought this to their notice two days prior to my flight
I was to reach Abu Dhabi at 1 hour and 10 minutes prior to the flight departure whereas the check in Counter was to close one hour and 15 minutes prior to the check in time.
Booking done on and payment also made to

Stupid guys first did not understand what was happening once they did and understood that it was entirely their fault they actually wrote an email to me stating that there were multiple other options available and I should have chosen them! They also try to pull one of on me by stating that my booking should have been from Abu Dhabi and not from Dubai – this is when I had a confirmed reservation from Dubai in hand ticketed from
They also wrote that since I seem to be aware of how travel regulations work I would be charged for making any change.

Audacious and foolish with no customer service number in the UAE and absolutely pathetic staff, please never ever book through this website

Attaching some excerpts of our email exchange below:

Dear team

Thank you for the response

As evident from your email below you are either neglecting to perform your duty or are absolutely unaware of how international ticketing works

Point 1 as my booking is through a travel agent it is the responsibility of the travel agency to confirm the itinerary and ensure valid connecting times are provided

Point 2 As my ticket is issued by via. Com air Seychelles will not entertain any queries in this regard

Please note that I have also called air Seychelles as per your earlier suggestion and they have clearly mentioned that I need to speak to only

Point 3 My ticket is booked from Dubai to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi and Seychelles, I have not booked a ticket from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai which you may please note
You may be providing hundreds of options from thousands of locations which do not matter to me, as I have booked from Dubai to Mumbai as clearly stated in my ticket.

Point 4 please reply if you are willing to confirm that the connecting times as provided by your portal are correctly shown and also ticketed, as you have mentioned in your earlier email that they are as per IATA standards.
Please note this is a crucial point for me in my consumer complaint that I will be filing with the relevant authorities.

Point 5 when the airline ticketing or check in Counter closes 1 hour 15 minutes prior to departure and I reach the Terminal 1 hour 10 minutes prior to departure how will the airline accommodate me?
please note that the airline also has to check me in along with my baggage and issue the boarding pass at Abu Dhabi

Point six :Nowhere on your ticket is it mentioned that my check in is in Abu Dhabi and not in Dubai
In fact If you were aware that the check in is in Abu Dhabi then how did you issue a ticket which drops me in Abu Dhabi 1 hour 10 minutes prior to departure when the check-in counter for air Seychelles will already be closed 1 hour 15 minutes prior to departure?

Point 7 air Seychelles has clearly stated that via. Com has issued the ticket and it is their responsibility to ensure that this change is made

I have only booked the recommended itinerary as officially shown on your website and it has also been confirmed and ticketed by via. Com, payment has also been accepted by via. Com and not Seychelles air.

if there are any challenges that you may have with the airline you can take it up with them however you need to ensure that my consumer rights are protected and that my journey is not impacted owing to your negligence

Would appreciate a pointwise reply which would help me in my customer complaint

Please note you cannot shrug off your responsibility in this case where in you have clearly induced me to book by suggesting, displaying, providing and even ticketing an itinerary which you are now saying is invalid


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On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 at 19:30, suppo wrote:
Dear Travel Partner / Guest

Greetings from Via!

Futher to your request, Options are given by IATA standards only, You have selected the itinerary which is legally given by airlines, Before making the payment you should have checked the itinerary, you have selected Abudhabi as a point of departure where as our portal gives dubai and sharjah option as well, It seems you were well aware of what you were selecting, the only option is to reissue with applicable charges as your E ticket is non voidable and non refundable, Please advise the new travel date.

You can reach us at suppovim for any further assistance and support

Thank you for choosing as your preferred travel website.

Thanks & Regards

Meer Salman | U.A.E & Middle East Operations.

Flightraja Travels Middle East FZ-LLC | DIC Building 16 | P.O Box 85284 | Dubai, UAE

Original Message:
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 7:50:29 PM
Subject: Re: PNR not received for booking id FMNAE1015RGW6L

Dear team

Please note that as a travel agent it is your duty and responsibility to ensure sufficient connecting times in any itinerary provided and ticketed by you.

This is as per general IATA and other Consumer Protection standards globally.

As travel agents you are liable for any compensation in case of unreasonable or wrong ticketing done from your end in case of an itinerary suggested on your portal.

Also as per all fair practices you cannot provide an itinerary without a logical connecting timeline.

Please ensure that you rectify this at the earliest else I will be compelled to approach the relevant authorities with a complaint in this regard.

I reiterate and state that this error is solely from your end, as a consumer if I am provided with an itinerary, it is the responsibility of the travel agent to ensure that it is a feasible itinerary.

Even if there are other options provided, this option which I have selected was also provided, so that means that it has to be a valid and acceptable option with valid connecting times.

Your organisation as a travel agency is an interface and intermediary between me and the airline and is also liable and answerable for any wrong ticketing done.
There is no question of charging me for any wrongful and illegal itinerary as ticketed by you.

Please consider this email as a legal notice, in case this rectification is not done I will be lodging a complaint with Dubai, Indian and other relevant Consumer Protection authorities.


n Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 6:03 PM, supar Guest

Greetings from Via!

Futher to your request,Thank you for your email With regards to request against FMN – FMNAE1015RGW6L, madam please note this not via problem this option was selected by you , if you see in our portal we have suggested 7 option but you have selected the first option , even this option is also provided by airlines only, as per the airlines only we will be provide the option.

As a travel agent we are helping you because if we modifiy the booking there is a fare difference of 1300 AED or madam please speak to with Air Seychelles not with Etihad airlines because your ticket document is issued on Air Seychelles .

Please note – as of now we have not made any changes on current booking,please send a mail for any changes, seat are subject to availability Please take time to review the itinerary and fare information carefully prior to finalization

Please do visit our direct websimmmm / m to book your tickets omm
You can reach us at for any further assistance and support

Thank you for choosing Via as your preferred travel partner.

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How did you not check with agent before booking. Looks like it’s agents mistake. Catch him. No point in talking directly to