Suggest best Portable Projector

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My cousin wishes to gift her husband a Portable Projector.
I've tried to reason with her about TV being better picture quality and cheaper and having smart features with better day time performance, etc. But she's made up her mind.

So Portronics, Xgimi, Egate, Wanbo are few names that come up on Amazon and budget is around and upto 35K (Samsung is too expensive).
If anyone has any experience with these projectors, please guide.

Note: these are battery backed tiny projectors with short throw lenses.

Ps: They're based in Delhi, if you have any experience with after sales service as well please let me know...

If you don't know either, but you know someone here or elsewhere, do share/tag them since I know it's an uncommon product.

Tagging people who have looked at it before based on search:
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