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Please share of anyone has done research for heavy-metal and additive free(or very less and safe) whey protein and have some recommendations. There are many lab tests being done on protein % but none/less on safety(heavy metals, toxins etc.).

Twitter thread: is useful but doesn't cover many brands that get recommended(NATURALTEIN etc.). Thus, asking on advise on various forums.

The suggestion from above thread was in tweet(23/30) but seems same has been removed(shared screenshot)


One Science: (no option for unflavored, and flavored one have Sucralose, Asulfame K)

Ultimate Nutrition: 54$ and product 36$). Unflavored one is not available on AZ or any reputed site.

I know its suggested to get protein directly from natural sources/food but sometimes its not possible : patients - thus need to be extra safe on ingredients and actual safety.

In some thread people suggest go to FITTR(FB group), but it seems brand brand cannot be talked about there.

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Only God Knows What's Best.

Everyone Does it for dollar.

Better pickup each ingredient from your choices and research about it in journels. Use sci hub to access paid ones.

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Thanks, Indeed this is the way(or should we say the whey) to determine the right choice. Just wanted to post and gather info if somebody has broken their head already down this path.
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Amul whey seems a recent entrant.

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LOQ and only additive is Beta-galactosidase(enyzme) but foaming issue it seems: 


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avoid these kinda people and all Indian brands. stick with on/glanbia

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Tell me how much ON will come down to uf taken in bulk

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Muscle Blaze and My Protein have been certified by Informed Protein USA but the tests don't seem to test for heavy metals and other contaminants unfortunately. 

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I have been using below 3 brands for years:



Nakro (sparingly)

Though I am not a heavy workout-holic but I rely on whey for maintaining daily recommended protein intake, being vegetarian. Never had any digestive issues. I know about LiverDoc list but I have stick to these, and been pretty happy with them.

Not advising anyone but my wife is a nutritionist and she uses them as well personally. Also I happen to workout with  fittr founders in same gym. joy🙈

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