Suggestions needed for a 3G/4G feature phone

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Hi guys,

Can someone please suggest a good 3G/4G feature phone for my grandma. The only reason to opt for 3G/4G is in a hope to get better voice clarity. She currently uses a basic nokia phone (nokia 101 or something, don’t remember) and I want to gift her a phone that can get better voice clarity.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m also on the lookout for one such device which will give excellent voice call clarity but haven’t found anything after a lot of searching too. I don’t think manufacturers bother to make any feature phones which offer basic features in a good polished way like the Nokias or Motorolas from yesteryears.

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MasterAnimesh wrote:

You want touchscreen or keypad one

I need a feature phone without touch screen

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You can see few 4G and Volte Phones and there are couple of Nokia 4G feature phone released recently with Kia OS
You can search in below URL

No first hand experience with any of these phones.
Or else JioPhone (No first hand experience on this as well)

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if you get try this one Micromax Bharat 1 one of my relative using it since 2 years its same as jiophone but dual sim

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raghupro wrote:

The only reason to opt for 3G/4G is in a hope to get better voice clarity. She currently uses a basic nokia phone

started using Reliance Jio since October 2020 (🙇🏻BSNL🙇🏻 remains main, besides some hotchpotch airtel sim from 2010-12) and everytime a R-Jio to R-Jio outcall goes, it says “HD” (Samsung device).
But i am yet not sure if that really means anything or just a design feature of the device.

Although my ears (or brain/processor) aren’t in perfect shape, others (even) those who do have (good hearing), do not report a marked difference in call quality of BSNL to BSNL or xyz operator landline to 2G or 3G mobile calls.

overall, the (original. ¿prior to management change?) Nokia “Asha” series in my mindspace was an overall winner (for the kind of end user you mentioned).

although i DO see octogenarian (relatives, and not random strangers😉) too use simpler touch devices.

Given a choice, i myself would prefer keypad phones (if i could source a decent fascia and a workable battery for my old S700i, i would not AT ALL mind using it even as main phone, on rotation with other phone/s).

Since 👵🏻grandma🙇🏻 is accustomed to Nokia, i suggested the same name.
otherwise now many (like Micromax, other desi names) including Samsung and CAT too have fairly okay keypad phones.
Yes🙂! the brand mostly known for heavy earth moving equipment (or the boots, as worn by Ini Kamoze for example) Caterpillar IP68 (or IP68K) rated (basically dust and water resistant) phones with removable batteries were REAAAALLY on my radar, but then😔 4000 5000 6000mAh happened and user removable batteries became history😭.

I dropped Ulefone rugged phonez my shortlist (back in 2017-18) mainly because of ‘what happens if it needs service and repair’ here in Bharat.
But otherwise Ulefone Armor Mini Waterproof IP68 is not too bad, BUT FOR ITS 2500mAh juice and some UI idiosyncrasies (unless Grandma is ready to transition🙂 to touch phones).

The more recent (so called) rugged phones of Cat® Caterpillar may not always be as robust as their first and second generation devices, but they aren’t ‘bad’ either.
mentioning these
as we are aware that you are resourceful enough to be able to procure these or arrange service/ replacement device for her.
Besides being aware of the CSR or willing charitable causes your business, your family has been involved in,
thus affordability (that too for gifting to 🙇🏻grandma🤗😇) would be a non issue, i presume!

Disclaimer: i have no direct or indirect association with any names or brands mentioned above. nor should the same be taken as any implicit or explicit solicitation on behalf of those names, brands. i have NO interest in furthering Ini Kamoze, Ulephone, Cate®pillar or Nokia.

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now how to edot previous post😭
this moderation thing removes the edit button.
one small crimeistake and the whitelisting was removed, so😔 sad.

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MasterAnimesh wrote:

You want touchscreen or keypad one

only in 2018 or so did i understand tthat he terminology ‘feature phone’ is used by the uppity generation describe basic keypad phones.
that too 😔by the customer care person of a marketplace site😔. (i had the fascia/ housing of the item in cart or made a test order and the person blurted: yes, i see you’ve selected a feature phone’. 😑and i went ‘a what?’)

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@donotkillmeyet It says HD because voice calls from Jio to Jio are actually in HD. At first, I remember hearing a clear difference between Jio to Jio HD calls (they sounded crystal clear with so much details) and other non-Jio calls but honestly i don’t find any difference now. Maybe my ears have adapted to the HD calling of Jio thus making no difference to my ears, or, other calls are also of good quality nowadays that there is indeed is minimal to no difference.