Suggestions needed to replace my old credit cards with new one

I have the following credit cards

Citi rewards
Citi indian oil
Sbi Simply click
Hdfc cashback credit card

Planning to close all except sbi simply click.

Also please suggest any better alternate for sbi simple click since some of the benefits removed there as well.

Recently I applied for axis airtel credit card for 25% broadband cashback benefit and 10% electricity benefit. Not yet approved though neutral_face

Primary usage : online shopping

Offline usage : some hospital payments for scan test/blood test/doctor appointments

Please suggest some with better benefits. Thanks in advance
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Sorry it's something called money back card

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@chennaicitizen ah money back the usual cursed card from HDFC 

I am also trapped in that another variant of that cursed called "Business Moneyback Card" same but different devil name called business lol
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HDFC cashback credit card? whats that card??

you mean HSBC?

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Sorry it's something called money back card

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For offline get Axis Ace

for online get SBI Cashback card

Simple as that:)

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U need sbi cb that's it and close ur citi and simplyclick

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if you are least bothered about Amazon/FK sales then you can close SBI SimplyClick and all the above cards if they are not LTF,

For online shopping, just like others mentioned - 

SBI Cashback is best but yearly fees is 999+GST which gets waived off for 2L spends, max CB is 5k per month so 1L online spending

HDFC Swiggy now gives CB in statement credit just like SBI CB instead of Swiggy Money (which was the case earlier) but not sure on the 5% online brands list, max CB is 1500 per month so 30k online spends per month, fee is 500+GST which gets waived off for 2L spends

For offline shopping, 

Axis ACE gives unlimited 1.5% CB (statement credit) on offline spends, renewal fee is 500+GST which gets waived off for 2L spends

HDFD Tata Neu Infinity gives 1.5% as neu coins which can be used only across tata brands ecosystem, renewal fee is 1499+GST which gets waived off for 3L spends and also gives 1.5% CB upto 500 per month for UPI spends

Also if your offline spends is between 8-10k then AU LIT will give around 4-4.5% CB with milestone and 10x offline feature, also its LTF card

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just adding one info, 

SBI Cashback card IN A WAY if we spent Rs. 23,577 then we already received back the joining fees of Rs.1179(999+18%) then on every spend in it is 5% till 12 lakhs with 1 lakh per month as constrain

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Thanks everyone for ur valuable suggestions. blush

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