Suggetion regarding closing a card before the payment delay reported to CIBIL

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Hey there,

I was traveling and unfortunately, I missed my ICICI Coral CC payment of  ₹ 1377  by 6 days. I paid it as soon as I realized, even paying more than the due amount, but I was still levied a late payment charge of ₹500 plus GST. My relationship manager (RM) was unhelpful and advised me to contact customer care. After speaking with them, they reversed the charges. However, they haven't updated this month's information with CIBIL yet (I learned that ICICI reports once every two months). If I close this card, which I don't need as I already have other cards and an HDFC Infinia, will they report the late payment to CIBIL or will it just reflect the card being closed without the late payment record? I'm concerned because I need to apply for a home loan very soon. Thanks in advance.

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They will most probably not report for such a small amount. Wait and watch.

And if they had to report, they would report even if you close the card.

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okay got it.. I've many relationships with them privilege banking, 2 CCs, some FD, car loan but still, they're saying they can reverse the fees but CIBIL isn't in their hands. RM is not of much help also. 
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I had a similar case with ICICI during COVID and missed payment by 2 days. I too have multiple CC's and salary account with them. Similar to your case, they reversed the late payment charges but the reporting to CIBIL did happen and I believe it stayed on my CIBIL record for 2-3 yrs

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Okay, how many points did the score drop and how much time it took to recover back to say 750+?
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Just Seen Score Simulator In Cibil Website , Past Due Date 30 , 60 , 90 Days Option Given...

I Hope It Will Not Be A Problem As U Paid Full Due In Less Than 30 Days.
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Yes, but it's also more than 30 days on all the cards. Hopefully, thanks for the suggestion. 

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