Summer Cap Recommendations?

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Hi Dimers,

I'm thinking about getting a new hat for summer to keep cool and shade my face.

I don't need anything too fancy, just something practical.

I saw some Jack and Jones caps that had good reviews, but I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations?


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yes, i want to buy the same....precisely summer hat for men

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A hat or a cap?
(If looking for a top hat, then search for images of actor Ashok Kumar in a hat. That look is classic.)
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A beret too can be both, functional and adding character to one's appearance.

Can be paired with informal clothing to give that artistic or classic look.
While a different style/pattern beret can even be paired with military fatigues to give a more rugged look.

Else if only caps it is, then a simple baseball cap design is good enough.
Better if it has the adjustment strap at the hack. It would help adjust the fit/grip.

Instead of buying something without checking for comfort and fit, I would prefer to go through off-line stores first.

Although synthetic materials are easier to take care off or wash (in case it gets soiled, stained) I would be open to the idea of use of cotton like materials in the inner lining.
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One of the first ones in the results was this
and yes I am also talking of youthful or elegant but victorian era looks.

But now I understood @deals_greed that you are looking for beachwear or Hawaii wear tyoe fun stuff.

Sorry not much idea about those as I feel those type might either need extra care or might not be durable.

@Itachi Yes I got the hint, hence I too suggested baseball type cap.
By the way since it is election season, just like the MAGA caps during Donald's campaign, are local candidates giving any such freebies?

Imagine getting waved by a traffic cop for speeding, then the cop notices you wearing an orange pattern cap with N A M O or R A G A or some such thing written and the cop says go go.😄 (lets go without fines.)
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No "MAGA" type caps here. At least not in my city. I assume they try such tactics in rural areas primarily.
And about that second part, Yes; I can imagine that happening even without the caps and all. 😂
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