Survey for Amazon Pay Balance

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I received an email from Amazon with the subject “ wants to hear from you. Take a short survey”. It turned out to be a survey for Amazon Pay Balance. I shared my feedback related to Amazon Pay Balance through that.

Please check your emails too and if you have received such an email, do fill that survey and share your feedback for Amazon Pay Balance with Amazon through that. I feel its a good opportunity and if Amazon gets strong feedback against the lack of benefits offered by Amazon Pay then hopefully it might consider making some changes.

Some points which I shared through the feedback were:

  • No rewards or offers are given to non-prime users.
  • There is no way to track cashback to transactions.
  • Payment through Amazon Pay Balance is not supported by the majority of merchants.
  • There is no guarantee that cashback will be credited even if the reward offer is collected and the transaction is successfully completed as per the offer.
  • There is no way to transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank accounts or other users.
  • Amazon Pay Balance account is tied to the Amazon account of the user and not the phone number. So it makes it very inconvenient to use.
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