Swasth Initiative | Bringing Quality Healthcare...

Swasth Initiative | Bringing Quality Healthcare to the safety of your homes

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Swasth Initiative | Bringing Quality Healthcare to the safety of your homes


What is Swasth application?
Swasth application is a telemedicine platform that provides assistance to patients showing symptoms of COVID-19. The platform aims to bring together leading players across the value chain – doctors, hospitals, testing labs, medicine delivery, etc. – to diagnose and treat potential patients thereby limiting their offline visits and easing the burden on the prevalent healthcare system.

Product Roadmap
Phase I
Tele-Medicine solution for Covid Specific eConsultations AI based triaging to determine COVID risk Free Consultations over Audio, Video and chat (incl. IVR) Multi-language capability (English/Hindi/Regional) 1000+ doctors live on the platform Instant prescriptions by SMS.
Phase II
Tele-Medicine solution for accessing healthcare Products and Services which includes Diagnostics, Medicines, OTC & Supplements, Ambulance and Hospitalization services AI based Health Risk Assessments Consultations over Audio, Video and chat (incl. IVR) across multiple specializations such as Dermatology, Ortho, ObGyn which can support All key Indian languages and Two Million consultations per day Personalized electronic Personal Health Records (ePHR), with real time health graphs.
Swasth Benefits
1. Wider Reach for Doctors/ Providers
a. Ability to extend healthcare access to the masses.
b. Access to standardized health records for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
c. Streamlined inpatient flow for providers.
2. Patient Benefits
a. Affordable and accessible genuine health services.
b. Single platform for managing health records, avail healthcare services and seek payer support.
3. Interoperability
a. Open source software license.
b. Digital health identities and common healthcare provider registry enabling easy switching between platforms.
4. Data Security & Fraud Prevention
a. Sensitive health data digitally secured.
b. Accountability via digital signatures.
c. Fool-proof verification of users, doctors & providers to reduce quackery.
5. Unified Ecosystem a. Seamless interconnection of patients, doctors, diagnostic labs, pharmacy chains, hospitals, insurance providers and other stakeholders.

Is the lab test free after consultation on Swasth?
Unfortunately, the lab tests are not free.
If I am a high risk patient, should I only be getting tested or my family should also get tested?
We would recommend consulting a doctor to assess your risk profile and determine the need to get your family members tested.
Is it safe to get a test done at a laboratory? Can I get lab tests done at home?
Yes, many partners on Swasth platform provide home testing options in accordance with the government regulations.
Who should I contact if I have any issues with testing?
You can contact the customer service of the partner directly from which you ordered the services.
Can I get a lab test from outside this platform?
Yes, you can get the lab tests done from the choice of your lab.
How long will it take to get the lab test to arrive at my home?
Different partners have different delivery time. You will get an estimated time of service when you place an order.
I require a refund of my money. Who do I contact?
You can contact the customer service of the lab partner from whom you ordered your test. Swasth connects patients to the partners.

How do I get the medicines?
Swasth has tied up with partner across the country to provide you the following options to purchase your prescribed medicines:
- Pharmacies near you – This will give you a list of all pharmacies near you. You can visit with the necessary precautions or call to order
- Call to Order – This gives you a list of online and offline pharmacies who can call to place the order and get home delivery of your prescribed medicines
- Order Online – This gives a list of all online pharmacies where you can place an online order for home delivery
Are the medicines free?
Unfortunately, the medicines are not free.
If I am in a containment zone, or in home quarantine, how will my medicines get delivered?
Essential services are allowed to operate in containment zones and provide service to patients in home quarantine through contact-less delivery.
Can I order medicines from elsewhere?
The Swasth platform gives options to avail services from vetted partners, but you can definitely choose to get your medicines from your trusted pharmacy or platform.
I am a pharmacy/e-pharmacy and I want to be listed here
You can send an enquiry to [email protected]  and we would be happy to add your services.
There is an issue with my order, how do I raise a complaint?
Please raise a complaint directly with the store(from which you have purchased the medicines) quoting your order ID for faster resolution. To raise a complaint against the partner who has not fulfilled a necessary service please write to [email protected]  or  customer_care_phone

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