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When you get a wrong item after ordering on #swiggy and you raise this on the app, they ask you to take photos of the wrong item and you have to mention the name of the item you had actually ordered. I am assuming that this we are asked to do so because the person who eventually tries to resolve the case will already have the background of it.

The guy or chat representative or whatever they are called attends the chat, says, “hi”, then asks me to wait. So I assume he is doing his homework on my case, NOW ……after having made me wait he comes back and says, “can you please elaborate on the problem”,THAT JUST MADE ME BLOW MY TOP, obviously, I didn’t spare him my thoughts on his inefficiency, AND then he says he will call me, and I asked him not to, I just didn’t even feel like delving into it anymore, and yet he still fiscal me and asked me to explain my problem again. This time I was loud and told him to hand up immediately. I didn’t take any replacement because I was fed up.

I am not sure if they are badly trained, callous or just overloaded with work but this is not the first time I have found an incompetent customer care person……….it happens everytime and sometimes they to force us the cancel the orders as well as a means of closing the ticket early. This is the first time I am adding a review online about any company at all, that’s how angry I am.


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they are indeed badly trained, callous and bunch of shitheads…
Everybody has gone through all this multiple times like forever.
In order to not explain everything to the new chat attendant everytime, ask them to pull up the last/above chat straight out. Always do this and you don’t need to elaborate the whole issue everytime.

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