Tablet or Laptop

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Which one is better in your opinion

An Android Tablet or A Windows Laptop 

In my opinion windows Laptop is better due to availability of mouse, it is really easy to scroll using a mouse 

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Laptop ofcourse 

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Depends on purpose as well. 

Obviously laptop serve more purpose then tablet. But if you need something to just watch movies, then one can go with tablet as well

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For me, a tablet would be a considerable purchase for you only if you're someone who need a big display to work on while benefiting with the portability that it offers, maybe for online classes or watching videos, but that's it. There's absolutely no use of a tablet other than this and it is one of the most ridiculous things that people buy these days. It is just a mobile phone with a bigger display. A laptop would always be better in every single aspect.

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Is it just a poll or you're asking for a recommendation?

I have been using laptop and tablet a lot lately.

For me even a tablet is equally useful as i have ms office mobile apps subscription and can connect mouse and keyboard to it by Bluetooth. 

I have Philips 6in1 adapter for using pendrives and rj45 sometimes.

Although its not a huge feature but i appreciate everytime i use it, thats OTPs gets copied from phones can be pasted on tablet.

Plus note taking functionality and editing pdfs.

Although there are alot of windows specific apps, tablets are useful too depending on use case.

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For Synchronization of Clipboard, SwiftKey can be used in the android phone and switch on sync in the windows clipboard (use same Microsoft account in SwiftKey and windows )

I guess for note taking tablet is useful, but I haven't used any tablet much

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Here's what i own, A main workstation PC(costly as hell for me), a side AIO setup running Linux, an old Laptop to help me with work if needed, an ipad that helps me with designing stuff and media consumption, so everything have it's own use case. You can't consider a single device to help you in each and every use case. Last advice think deeply before investing in these devices for some the investment is worthy but then for some it's just a meaningless show off(know two to three guy and regrettably i build their workstations which technically doesn't even turn on for months kinda feels sad for the overpowered PC).

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