Tata Neu Plus - LTF Rejected 必

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I have sent mail to customer care for making it LTF

Rejected. grimacing

I haven't activated card yet.
Batao kuch Dhamki method vagera work karega.
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Comrade Comrade
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Nothing working these days.. Same happened with me for swiigy card... Not converted to ltf

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Try replying that you won't activate the paid card, but seems most banks are not giving into blackmailing anymore...

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Same here.

Got Neu Plus FYF 11 months ago.

Spent 4.12 Lakhs in the past 11 months. Still they refused to convert into LTF.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Same here.

Got DCB 4 months ago.

Spent 6 Lakhs in the past 4 months. Still they rejected Neu

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Can u share some data, it will help for me and other to avoid this rejection

* do u have any hdfc card previous ? (Core/ co branded) and how much old?

* your CIBIL score

* how many inquiries in 6 month

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1.No it's my first hdfc card

2.10 days old

3. 749 cibil

4. 3 inquiries

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