Tathastu by Zakir Khan in Amazon Prime Video: Warm as a winter coat (A short review)

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The thing about Zakir Khan is he is a wordsmith first and a comic second. The choice of words, the delivery, the life lessons are so masterful that many parts of his set is quotable. He is India's George Carlin.

There are very few stand-up comics who you genuinely love. The way Indian audience love Arijit Singh and how an Indian city would come to standstill when Arijit performs, traffics rerouted, areas cordoned off, entire football ground converted to parkings, Zakir Khan is in that league of comics, Indian audience genuinely loves him.

Talking about the set, this set is extremely experiential. You need to sit down and watch the set, laugh, chuckle, smirk, hide a few laughs and dry your eyes from time to time. This set can be but need not be summarized in a few lines. Just like most of Carlin's sets.

All I want to say about the set is, you can wear this set as a winter coat when things feel cold around you, and it will keep you warm. And if you need a non-Carlin reference to gauge how good it is, think of Panchayat Season 1 or Kota Factory Season 1.

Zakir, you kept the magic intact through out. Spellbound!

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