taxation( how rich people play with this )

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Goldman Sachs to JPMorgan Chase: ye tou (hamari) dhoti khol raha hai.

Banks of Liechtenstein to Swiss banks: dhoti ko secure karne ke liye jaldi se naada/rope, cellophane tape, safety pins ityaadi le kar jaldi-jaldi aao.
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The video explores various ways the ultra-wealthy hide their wealth and pass it down to the next generation. One of the methods is through trust, a corporation for the family that allows asset owners to maintain control while relinquishing ownership. They also use life insurance policies as a tax-free investment tool to invest in their interests while being protected from creditors and legal penalties. Moreover, unstructured loans and max funded insurance are other methods that allow families to compound their wealth over time. Family foundations are also used to manage money strategically and donate to charitable causes while still maintaining control over their wealth. The wealthy also take advantage of loopholes and deductions in tax laws to avoid paying taxes. It is emphasized to seek advice from professionals and educate oneself on financial literacy before making financial decisions.


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Who is stopping you to become rich?

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My 3 girlfriends

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