TDR repudiated - suggestion needed

Hi Dimers,
The train was supposed to depart at 8AM but was late by almost 9 hours. So I filed TDR at 8:02AM only, and arranged for bus tickets.

But Railway has repudiated my TDR mentioning that we had travelled in that train.
I have escalated this on Twitter but Railmadad also responded with same reason.
I am really disappointed with this daylight fraud done by them.
I have the bus ticket , cab bill, etc which shows enough evidence that I didn't travel by the Train.

Please suggest me how can I get refund from them?
I have lodged complaint on consumer forum as well yesterday. They have asked me to wait 45 days for resolution.
Suggest me if I have any legal option available and how to approach it?
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What is the maximum time limit by which TDR can be filed

IRCTC also mentioned that "No refund of fare shall be admissible on the ticket having confirmed reservation in case ticket is not canceled or TDR not filed online up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train."

In the case of RAC tickets, an individual needs to cancel the ticket and file TDR up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

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It appears that the TTE allotted your berth to tktless or waitlisted passengers off the record by taking bribe, while showing missing passengers as present.

Try to escalate the matter by email or Twitter to senior officials by attaching snapshots of TDR and proof of train delayed arrival. In case of no response, file FIR with Police

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Train was from Gaya to Ranchi on 5th March. I don't stay near any of these cities. Can I file case in court in Bengaluru? Is it possible?
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Instead of NCH better escalate your case at PGPORTAL.

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whats the difference between both? + @Watcher
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your case seems to be genuine so don't give up until and unless you get your money back. Share here the links of your twitter or any other social platform threads wherever you raised your concern openly, we will upvote it.

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As mentioned in prev comments, TTE is the culprit in ur case. He/She wud have allocated ur confirmed berth to WL passengers unofficially for higher amount.

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