TDS Rate Chart for FY 2024-25

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TDS Rate Chart for FY 2024-25
Section Nature of Payment Threshold (Rs.) Individual / HUF TDS Rates (%) Others
TDS Rate (%)
192 Salaries Rs. 2,50,000 Slab Rates Slab Rates
192A Premature EPF withdrawal* Rs. 50,000 10% 10%
193 – TDS on interest on securities** Rs. 10,000 10% 10%
194 Payment of dividend Rs. 5,000 10% 10%
194A Interest issued by banks or post offices on deposits Rs. 40,000
Rs. 50,000 (For senior citizens)
10% 10%
194A Interest by others apart from on securities Rs. 5,000 10% 10%
194B Amounts that someone has won through lotteries, puzzles, or games Aggregate of Rs. 10,000* 30% 30%
194BB Amounts that someone has won from horse races Rs. 10,000 30% 30%
194C Payments to contractor or sub-contractor – Single Payments Rs. 30,000 1% 2%
194C Payments to contractor/sub-contractor – Aggregate Payments Rs. 1,00,000 1% 2%
194D Payment of insurance commission to domestic companies Rs. 15,000 NA 10%
194D Payment of insurance commission to companies other than domestic ones Rs. 15,000 5% NA
194DA Maturity of Life Insurance Policy Rs. 1,00,000 5% 5%
194EE Payment of an amount standing to the credit of an individual under NSS (National Savings Scheme) Rs. 2500 10% 10%
194F Payment of repurchase of unit by UTI (Unit Trust of India) or any mutual fund No Limit 20% 20%
194G Payments or commission on sale of lottery tickets Rs. 15,000 5% 5%
194H Commission or brokerage Rs. 15,000 5% 5%
194I Rent of land, building, or furniture Rs. 2,40,000 10% 10%
194I Rent of plant and machinery Rs. 2,40,000 2% 2%
194IA Payment for transfer of immovable property other than agricultural land Rs. 50,00,000 1% 1%
194IB Rent payment that is made by an individual or HUF not covered under payment 194I Rs. 50,000 (per month) 5% NA
194IC Payment that are made under Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to Individual/HUF No Limit 10% 10%
194J Fees paid for professional services Rs. 30,000 10% 10%
194J Amount paid for technical services Rs. 30,000 2% 2%
194J Amounts paid as royalty for sale/distribution/exhibition of cinematographic films Rs. 30,000 2% 2%
194K Payment of income for units of a mutual fund, for example- dividends Rs. 5,000 10% 10%
194LA Payment made for compensation for acquiring certain immovable property Rs. 2,50,000 10% 10%
194LB Payment of interest on infrastructure bonds to Non-Resident Indians NA 5% 5%
194LBA(1) Certain income distributed by a business trust among its unit holder NA 10% 10%
194LD Payment of interest on rupee-denominated bonds, municipal debt security, and government securities NA 5% 5%
194M Amounts paid for contract, brokerage, commission or professional fee (other than 194C, 194H, 194J) Rs. 50,00,000 5% 5%
194N In case cash withdrawal over a certain amount takes place from the bank, and ITR is filed Rs. 1,00,00,000 2% 2%
194N In case cash withdrawal takes place from a bank and one does not file ITR Rs. 20,00,000 2% 2%
194O Amount paid for the sale of products/services by e-commerce service providers via their digital platform Rs. 5,00,000 1% 1%
194Q Payments made for the purchase of goods Rs. 50,00,000 0.10% 0.10%
194S TDS on the payment of any crypto or other virtual asset NA 1% 1%
206AA TDS for non-availability of PAN NA At a rate higher ofSpecified rate as per the act20%Rate in force 20%
206AB TDS on non-filers of Income tax return NA Rate higher of:5%Twice the mentioned rate in provisionRate in force
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