Time to retire at DD?

Finance Mentor

In some days my association with DD shall complete 10 years... Time to resign or quit?

Yes, I'm feeling like that, everywhere I go, I'm underwhelmed, misunderstood and kicked... Yes, everyone has some faults, but didn't I give anything to this community in all these 10 years?

** I know some Punjabi shit is incoming, will never bother that....

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Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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Please stay. We need info on how you got some CCs LTF when our application gets denied e.g. HDFC Millennia or SBI Cashback smile

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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@Agnivo007 - Don't get disheartened. Take it easy 😊

Here, in real world, one dedicates whole life for the family, gets nothing in return apart from questions like "What did you do for the family?".  What you are talking about is just a 'virtual world'. Life is limited, find ways to be happy.

Like I say, you got to be like non-stick pan, nothing should stick. Nothing!

Generous Generous
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Stay bro! Whom we will tag when some serious relationship advice is needed? 😬

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Stay strong brother. Community needs you & You need community.


Specialist Specialist
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Time to quit is not about how much you can contribute

to the community.But on how much you can extract.

If you are enjoying the stay , live here as long as you

are bored.

Even If you don't contribute now, you can still say here

based on your past contributions.

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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@Agnivo007 mujhe Punjabi batado , aapka biggest contribution


Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Samjha nahin kya kehna chahte ho...

The last line in OP is for someone else and he has already started giving laughing reaction to all posts in the background... (I don't bother about that chupa chuchundar, sabke ghar ka used items lootke khata hai) - I leave it here regards to that person...

Benevolent Benevolent
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Mines is exact opposite. Registered in 2013, was a lurker for 10 years before becoming active poster.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Me too completed 10 years. All the best for your future. 
#Nachoo wink

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Critic Critic
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I want to rest in peace 🕊️ sleepy

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Me too but, on a real sense, shayad sahi "kaal" mein nahin janme hum, isliye itna dard hai...

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