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Tips to use Mobikwik as a new user? and is Mobikwik Zip good or bad?

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Hello Dimers,

Today only i finally got my KYC cleared in Mobikwik and finally account got accepted in it, to do transactions in Mobikwik zip and other things because of full KYC

Heard the following

1) Mobikwik has worst customer service and 

2) their offer vanishes because of sudden T&C changes

My doubts

1) is Mobikwik Zip good or bad?

2) for paying credit card in Mobikwik can we earn more than 1%?

3) is the payment cycle 30 days or 15 days for Mobikwik ZIP?

4) So any advice of do's and dont's from any Mobikwik users would help out

Please guide:) anyone

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Blaze Blaze
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Even by mistake also don't ever activate zip unless you are in dire need. I hope you are not because of your present cc profile. Zip later has a very high impact on your CIBIL even if you don't use it in future.

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ops too late sad already I am dead sad
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Benevolent Benevolent
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Search in this forum , you will see the perils of the users

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ya which is why i am scared:) and asked as new post to see what are the "existing devil and peril" hidden in it now smile at this point of time

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I only use mobikwik for monthly free wallet Load of 1000 through credit card and monthly free mobile recharge of 10rs 🚶🚶

You can transfer both amount to bank with full kyc and Gain 1% rewards with apay icici and millennia cc

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Thats seems very intriguing smile good to use:)) 
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