Transaction amount not reflecting in ICICI Coral Rupay CC

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I booked a flight on Flipkart on 20th March for Rs. 27,001. Booking is confirmed and I received an SMS from ICICI that the amount was debited from my credit card. But when I check for the transaction in iMobile app the transaction is not there. Even the limit amount is not decreased.

I sent emails to ICICI customer support and this is their reply -


I booked the flight tickets for a friend and I am worried if he will face issues at the airport.

Help from anyone who faced a similar issue is greatly appreciated.
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Kabhi kabhi extra time lagta hai reflect hone me. So don't worry.

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Instead of ICICI, contact Flipkart/Cleatrip regarding the payment status. You can check the payment status on airline's website as well.

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I checked with indigo. Had a chat with them. As per them the payment status is complete. I even took screenshots just in case. The payment status is complete on the indigo website as well.

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no need to worry. it happens in amex too. it will show automatically in few weeks
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It takes 2-3 days to reflect in Unbilled transactions.

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