Good Type C earphones

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Dear dimers,
Need your help to choose a good type c earphone.
It should be a value for money type not too costly also arnd 3-4k but will good built quality that it stays..
Noise cancellation / Bass /comfort are basic things.
Please guide from personal experiences.

Currently using android s22 ultra just in case if it matters for compatibility etc n would use that for 2-3 yrs atleast.
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Instead of a usb c headphone where you do not have much choice, I would suggest you go for a usb c dac + 3.5mm headphone combination.

You will have more options with better sound quality and more option on how to use them across multiple devices.

Something like this - KZ AM01 Type-C Dongle DAC (

plus a headphone from the list based on you budget

Best Earphones with Mic For Beginner Audiophiles (

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As another dimer also suggested here, it would be better if you go for USB C DAC + 3.5mm jack earphone combination, this way you will get much better audio quality and more choices.

Check out website, you will certainly find a combination that fits your budget. 

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get the type c ones from samsung powered by akg

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Buy apples usb c to 3.5 mm adapter. worth it. I tried. idk why it happened but the day I got it , I tested it. audio was terrible but the next day , it's crystal clear. idk how. only issue is the cable is thin so you have to use cable protector. got for apple adapter. 

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Yes apple dongle dac is the best for the price..

The only issue is it can have a lower volume level in some devices that's why I did not suggest it.

Op needs to research if it works properly with his phone and if it does then he should get that.

I my self brought 3 apple dac last month on chroma sale for ~500 each.. Using 1 with my laptop, 1 with Volumio and 1 extra for backup.. joy

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Thanks everyone for the responses n valuable inputs.. maybe a foolish query but Wouldn't using a dac reduce the original expected sound output quality of the headphone or earplug or it hardly effects ??   (though i get it that using dac opens up numerous options for me.. )

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