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Unable to Add Money to PayZapp Wallet using RBL Bank Credit Card

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Hello PayZapp users,

I need your help! I've been unable to add money to my PayZapp wallet using my RBL Bank credit card for the past 7 days or so. After speaking with RBL Bank customer care, they have said they have suspended transaction on payzapp wallet.

Have any of you encountered the same issue or successfully added funds recently using an RBL Bank credit card? If so, please share your experiences. It would be greatly appreciated if you could also provide any workarounds or updates received from RBL customer support.

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Yeah same, card blocked, then falled and unblocked, now payzapp is blocking txn from rbl

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kab se?

Generous Generous
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RBL has stopped payzapp load using CC, confirmed by fraud monitoring team who calls back after transaction failure on payzapp. You'll also receive a call. 

Benevolent Benevolent
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One guy here was saying that he was transferring more than 6-7 lakhs every month into PayZapp through RBL LazyPay card and then transfer that into bank account earning 6-7k cashback for many months since the loophole was active. Of course they will ban PayZapp loading then 😝

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Why adding money in payzapp wallet, what's the reason?

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I would request all card holders to do complaint to HDFC bank that RBL is trying to sabotage HDFC bank's project PAYZAPP. 

Request RBL to unblock the transaction on payzapp on urgent basis.

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Rbl not working on ola money too

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Not able to load there too

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