unable to do KYC as name change as per PAN and Adhaar

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The same kind of issue Raja K M with aathar and all the documents except PAN and Passport.

Later I have rectified with Gazzate name change from Raja K M to Raja Muralidharan. And modified aathar. Thus the issue solved.

It's basically Indian culture would have different practices of adding the surname middle name as diversity across the nation . According to one nation one thing bull shit this people are changing us . 🤬 triumph. So if you need an online verification process you have no choice but to do the same thing what I did

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But bro all my documents except pan is RANJI C A

SO to change pan name  as per adhaar, I need to change name in adhar, driving licence, voters I'd, ration card, mu kids birth certificate, marriage certificate .............

So better to change PAN but they not accepting single letter  

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Dealt and Dealing with the same sh*t(for a relative now).

There is no way to do this. The govt doesn't respect the way our people, name ourselves. No matter what you do the IT dept will have your name expanded in it's database.

Someone in power should do something about this. Court case or RTI something.

My name goes S. Dileep Arav(not my real name)

My voter Id was issued without initials despite applying with initial.

My aadhar was issued As Dileep Arav Siva. Despite applying with initial.

The pan was issued with my aadhar name.

This was such a headache, I dropped my initial in the aadhar after so many problems. Updated my pan, using the aadhar.

Pan displayes now Dileep Arav.
But still the IT dept database records says Dileep Arav Siva.

This hurt my mother so much that I dropped my initial. To this day, she says I disrespected her and brought shame.
I deeply regret doing this now. I had to change name and hurt feelings because the damn IT dept can't put initials.

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You can give dileep arav siva everywhere .... it works. even in pan and adhaar. not sure about voter id. 
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This very same sh*t happened last year during aadhar + pan linkage of my father..

He had to visit the nsdl office to get his name corrected according to aadhar..

This issue arises mostly when there are two character initials.. which most South Indians have..

Looks like us south Indians are facing this heat with this 'one nation one thing' sh*t..

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This issue recently happened to me on mobikwik.

I was a full kyc holder but recently noticed " do kyc " window.

Realised about. KYC value because not received the credit card bill payment on FULLPAY code cashback.

Given complaint they told without kyc no cashback.

Trying to do kyc " adhaar and pan mname mismatch" given complaint in twitter, app but they told no other way.

So please help me any higher officials email I'd and reserve Bank email IDs to give complaint regarding this issues

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@third.i.financial.advisors @third.i.financial.advisors bro any help/guidance? TIA 

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@nirmaltvd -- rectify pan card ... form 49A or AA .... change name to as per adhaar. Nearest pan center will do it. 1 hour work for u . thats it

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Thanks will revert after visiting pan centre 

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