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I asked for a small size. They delivered a medium size.My father was going to bring this dress with him to Canada for me. As soon as I got the dress I called myntra and very politely and nicely I told them that you had delivered the wrong size. He said the exchange 

period is only within a week. I told him that my father did not know how to check the women dress sizes. I requested if they could please exchange it or refund me. They bluntly denied. The window of exchange was within a week. I told him that how does he expects my father to travel and come back within a week if there is anything wrong with the product. They were heartless and had no decorum to stand up to their mistake

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weren't you aware of the exchange policy/period before ordering or was it not mentioned? if nothing is mentioned then the only option is to report in the consumer forum as no use in dealing with customer care here

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