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Paytm is asking for hefty 2.65% charges for loading Paytm wallet with UNI card.Any other useful wallet where we can load using UNI Card without much or with zero charges?

Also,suggest any Free/less charges way to transfer money from UNI card to bank?

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Don’t opt for any credit line based prepaid card.


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Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Uni card can’t be used to add money in wallet , transaction will be declined.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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akki.akki wrote:

Sorry don’t use this Uni or any other prepaid card.

Found this interesting video on uni (watch it on 2x).

have not seen more nonsense video than this

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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akki.akki wrote:

There is always a first time.

yeah, when height of stupidity increases it becomes first of that kind

Spearhead Spearhead
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Is there any trick to tranfer amount from uni card to bank aprt from paytm and Uber with low charges

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