Unique situation with HDFC CC reward points

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So, I need help of desidimers as I think people here might know the answer I need. 

TL;DR : where else can I use my reward points to buy something or spend it if my CC is closed. 

So, a month back I got to know HDFC charged me annual fee on my PayTM HDFC CC, where as when I applied for the card, they told me it is lifetime free. They asked 1k+GST. So total 1180 something rupees. I paid the bill mistakenly via cred app(I pay CC pays usually without checking entries) but soon I realized they charged me fee so I called HDFC and like a mad customer I told them to fck off and close my card, I don't wanna pay a single dime. They hung up as I abused so I mailed their Grievance Redressal team. They told me they have closed the card now and have reversed the fee on the card and if I want that money back (1180/-) they can send me a demand draft or send payment back to the account I paid from. 

Anyways, that's not a problem, I'm sure I'll get the money back if HDFC is promising, my problem is I have 521 reward points in that card and everyone knows in HDFC 1RP = Rs 1/-

So I told them I need my points back too, they told me to login netbanking and claim the points for something, I tried that, but all their products in catalogue but the problem is all the products are more than 800 points and I have only 521 points. So I am not able to buy any products nor any instant vouchers. There's airmiles but even that isn't working, so the last option I have is redeem it for cash (credit on credit card) but as my CC is already closed so I can't even do that. Upon talking to HDFC, they said they have no other option, and my points will expire which sucks. 

Can anyone help me? is there a way to redeem those points??? any other website?? remember the card is already closed, I have another HDFC CC but customer service said they can't transfer points to my other CC neither they will give me extra money for those points, it's like I am stuck.... with no re-course... 

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