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I found a delayed payment in credit report. When I checked, it was a loan I never took. So, I emailed the lender and enquired about the loan and told them to close asap. They respond that it was a loan taken through Mobikwik and they finally closed it. I opened my Mobikwik account a long time ago. And I never took loans from them. And never had a delayed payment for any of my loans from any lenders. I paid everything on time. So, the lender has closed the loan but it still shows delayed payment in the Experian and Crif credit reports. There is no delayed payment shown in CIBIL report. What should I do?

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NCC wrote:

Thank you. I will do it ASAP. How long will it usually take to make this correction?

This depends on mobikwik/ZIP BNPL. Experian/CRIF forward the disputes to the concerned bank/loan provider and corrections depend on the responses received from the loan provider. If there's an option to add attachments, include the conversations you had with mobikwik about this unsolicited loan line

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