[Update] ICICI Bank not reporting about my credit card to CIBIL.

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This is an update to my previous post, where I mention that ICICI bank is not reporting details of my (almost an year old) credit card to CIBIL but it's working fine with Experian. After exchanging emails for over 2 weeks with ICICI customer care team, I finally get this response.

We would like to inform you that as per team concern Account is getting rejected at bureau end due to missing state code.

I was confused for a bit. Do they mean state code in address? I check my credit card statement and it shows my correct address as per my aadhaar. Then I check the Experian report and it turns out the address is right but the state "madhya pradesh" is missing between district and pincode.

I went to nearest branch of ICICI bank and told my concern to bank officer. She took a while to check my info as their system was not working properly (giving me sarkari bank vibe). She told me that credit card and customer ID/profile have separate address. I filled the form for address change and give my e-aadhaar print. It's under process now. let's see if this issue get fixed or not.

Conclusion: ICICI bank send report with address linked to customer ID/profile, NOT linked to credit card, to CIBIL and Experian and CIBIL check reports more strictly than Experian.

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There is always the scope for a lag in reflecting on cibil.. My idfc card 8 months old was not reflecting on cibil.. Emailed both of them.. Now in the recent score, it's reflecting.. 

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