UPI Based Cardless Cash Withdrawal From ATM

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Have banks implemented UPI Based Cardless Cash Withdrawal From ATM

The banks website and YouTube videos show how to withdraw but on visiting ATM it's not showing any such feature
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In my bank the features are implemented but have not been started yet, they so option of scan & pay in my atm it also shows QR code but when I scan & pay it don't allow me saying contact bank

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Yono (SBI) offers cardless withdrawal since a long time, though not based on UPI. 

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That ATMs possibly haven't received updated software.

Yes they do that update manually only.(Due to security issues)

In an instance where ATM was not able to generate PIN for me and other channels were not working, upon bank's request software was made updated and it worked.

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so you called bank CC and they upgraded your nearest ATM with updates?

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It is a work in progress. Currently, limited number of banks support it. Even within those banks, not all ATMs have enabled support. For the list of banks currently supported, see this... https://www.npci.org.in/what-we-do/nfs/product-...

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Nearest BoB ATM has been showing such option, tried it month ago but fails everytime...

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