Urgent, at restaurant to redeem IHCL Tataneu Reward League voucher but don't have PIN

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Hi Dimers,

I posted a topic a while ago but didn't get any reply:

Today I am at one of Taj dining restaurant and showed them the voucher code received in email, to which they said that PIN is also required but I didn't get one in email OR SMS.

I called Woohoo but they said I need to contact TataNeu for this, and Tataneu created a ticket for it but don't know how much time they will take for this.

Could anyone please help asap on this matter?

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All Taj experiences vouchers comes with pin, if its non-pin so it is basically coupon of xy value

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They said that it has 3000 balance but it requires pin. I can check balance at below URL without PIN:

Shall I tell him something here?

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Check in the mail again, sometimes its written in small  in next like like this

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The email with gift voucher was sent by TataNeu which only had voucher code. I’ll share the screenshot shortly.

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I left from the restaurant shortly afterwards and went to Domino’s. I’ll try to redeem it later after getting some more help from dimers.
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Bartan saaf nahin karne padey!

Translation: Good decision
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This is the email I got, with only voucher number:


Also, checking balance at https://tajhotels.woohoo.in/CheckB...ce is working fine with only voucher code. If you have any Woohoo Taj gift cards could you please try to check balance at above URL with and without PIN and confirm whether it shows balance without PIN too? If it throws error for PIN gift cards, then probably the one I have is really pin-less.

I really hope someone can help me on this.

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TataNeu support shared the PIN today, so problem solved finally 😢
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