Urgent: OTP Spam

Coupon Baba

Suddenly started receiving OTPs from dozen of sites. Within 5 mins received hundred of OTPs from various sites and Apps. Please suggest how to stop this.

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Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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ignore, someone started boomber on ur number.

activate complete dnd, this will decrease the flow

Community Angel Community Angel
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you cant do anything if someone is feeding your number to log in to websites. Just ignore and keep eye for unauthorized transactions and logins. 

Coupon Baba Coupon Baba
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I want to catch this person 🤣

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Budding Star Budding Star
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Someone might have activated sms bomber on your number

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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How to do that brother

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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If number is otherwise not required for messages, then disappointed it after forwarding all the incoming calls to some other number.

Alternatively, if by chance there is some old device in which these is no inbuilt phone memory for messages, then put the SIM in such a phone or device.
(After SIM memory gets full, the sender repeatedly get failed or number not I service bounce.)

Obviously it is neither prevention nor cure.
Like others already said, stopping all sites or reporting abuse to some of the sites (so that they put your number in a DND type list) is practically not feasible.

Side by side, reporting these messages as spam and in violation of your DND preferences too will help those services get an alert.
But only if TRAI has jurisdiction. If the bulk messaging provider is outside India, then DND complaints on those operators would be ineffective via TRAI.
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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disappointed *disable / disconnect (SIM).

number not *in service (bounce).

Siri, Cortana and Gemini have been drinking heavily since last night.😒 Told them so many times to stay away from autocorrect when they are sozzled.😵‍💫
Helpful Helpful
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switch off for a while and then switch on

Coupon Baba Coupon Baba
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It has stopped for now. Thankfully 

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