Using Visa Virtual USD card in India

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I have $200 Virtual Visa card and I am based in India. Since its USD card, most websites in India are not allowing payment using it.

Can anyone suggest how I can use this $200 card in India? If you know any websites which accept it then pls share here. Thanks

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Can't you use it on Amazon (for regular purchases, not gift cards)?     

If not, here's a somewhat convoluted way. Download the Google wallet app to your phone. This is not available in the India Play store so you'll need to add a separate google account to your phone with location set to the US. Add the virtual card to your wallet. It can now be used for NFC tap and pay at stores. Not all stores will accept it but a fair few will. 

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No Amazon is not allowing Virtual USD card, txn fails at payment stage. It used to allow earlier but seems to have stopped now.

Thanks for the Google wallet tip. Sound interesting, will try it out.

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