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I want to open a Utkarsh Bank account. I found this link

And found some u-instant account ( and Utkarsh Niyo bank.

I think all are zero balance. What is the difference between the three, which one should I choose?

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Here Details - Zero Balance Utkarsh Niyo Savings Account -

Update - Account opening started. Here 2 person share this info -

Person 1 - I had an Equitas online savings account years ago, but it got closed because I didn't complete the full KYC. When NiyoX was launched, I tried to open account but I was unable to open NiyoX Equitas savings account as it showed me as an existing customer and didn't allow me to complete the account opening process. This time, I successfully opened NiyoX Utkarsh SFB savings account.

They issued a RuPay JCB classic debit card with BIN 353613.

Person 2 - I just opened this account in early access. Few bugs/crashes during the process, vKYC was from browser so no issues there, In total it took 30-40 minutes to open the account. I am impressed with Niyo's seamless opening. All digital accounts I have opened till now took few hours to generate account number. This was way faster.

account number is: <6 digit code><your 10 digit mobile number>

IFSC code given is strangly from neighbouring/nearby city, Even though my city has 6 utkarsh branches. I don't know how they messed that up.

As of now the app is very rudimentary as far as Utkarsh acct is considered. All you can see is your account balance, and basic details. The DC is classic virtual and again you can view it, disable it and block it that's it. No way to request a new card of any kind in the app itself. Even money transfer options are too basic (add payee which has 4 hours cooldown). All you get is an account, however for early access that's fine.

Note - If you want RuPay Platinum debit card then wait few weeks or months. Zero Balance Utkarsh Niyo Savings Account is not fully Live yet. I heard they will officially launch on April, 2024.

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Better to go with standard utkarsh savings account or U-instant savings account, as the debit card fees is 250 there for rupay platinum @abhishek012

and in Niyo Utkarsh account it is 300rs

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