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Looking for laptop suggestions for basic video editing. No gaming.

Good stable good built quality and backlit keyboard.

Budget is flexible.

Are the H series processors better than U series.

Also Intel versus Ryzen.

I wanted to get a desktop built, but now thinking of laptop. Is it wise?

As you can see i have no idea. So all suggestions welcome!


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As a videographer who also doesnt like being cooped up in the house, Dell XPS 15 OLED has been a godsend for video editing projects. Battery life is standard when just browsing around, but I only get an hour or so out of it during standard editing workloads. This is to be expected and I always bring the charger with me. Screen is really quite brilliant (from what I understand, superior over macbook screens.) In most instances this laptop can handle my GH5s 4k footage with ease, even with heavy color grading over VLOG. It has fantastic rendering optimization with its GTX 1650 as well. I bought mine with 16gb of RAM and almost always max out on memory when going back and forth between premiere/after effects, but similar to the battery problem this was expected and I can always upgrade to 32/64gb in the future.

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